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gender question in globalization changing perspectives and practices
Orthodox views of globalization assume that it has the same features and impact everywhere, i.e. the feminization of poverty, labour and even peace. As these ideas circulate in official documents and scientific writings, they settle practically as truths. This book deconstructs these orthodoxies, using a multi-layered gender analysis where globalization is not treated as a linear and top-down process with a known outcome and a pre-conceived definition of gender. Instead, the authors scrutinize the dynamics of each context on its own merits, including the agency of women and men, resulting in unexpected and groundbreaking insights into the variety of differences apparent, even in sometimes seemingly similar global processes.
Davids, Tine / Driel, Francien van
globalisering / seksualiteit / mannelijkheid / oorlog en vrede / industrie / bruidsschatten / islam / moederschap / bundel
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