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Beyond the ‘Integration’ of Refugees: Towards a Development of a New Paradigm

19 mei 2017

Given our belief in the role of the university in advancing policy responses and reshaping the narrative on understanding the movement of people across and between nation-state borders, this symposium is organised around the following themes:

•Engaging with the Past: How have governments and societies reacted to refugees in the Netherlands and elsewhere?
•Public sympathy and abandonment: How do you bring the unsympathetic aboard? How does assistance translate into equity?
•Long Term Impact and Resilience: What are some of the long term challenges of current practices in refugee integration and asylum?
•Post-War Syria: How can we imagine a post-war Syria where many of its inhabitants will continue to stay or seek asylum outside of its borders?

The symposium is open to all and there is no charge to attend, but please register at r [dot] t [dot] luijkathum [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl so we know how many beverages and lunch sandwiches to order.

This symposium is sponsored by Leiden Global Interactions.

19 May 2017, 09:00-17:30

Plexus Student Centre Kaiserstraat 25 2311 GN Leiden

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