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TransEuroExpress : Filipinas in Europe
Collection of articles about life experiences by Philippine women who migrated to Europe. Contains the following articles: Migration vignettes / by Mary Lou U. Hardillo-Werning; Wunchkinder im 17. Jahrhundert; Gegen den Pflegenotstand / by Corinna Broeckmann; Ein Jahrhundert der Migration / by Nena Gajudo; "Ich wollte meine Familie unterstützen...' / by Cornelia Oßwald; Kolonialware Frau / by Mary Lou U. Hardillo-Werning; Vorsicht Frauenhandel / by Cathy C. Yamsuan; Drei Lebensläufe / by Marissa Pablo; Endstation Gießen / by Frauen(irr)fahrten; Auf Abruf / by Gina D. Aguila; Der Kaiserin neues Kleid / by Diana Ramos-Dehn; Flashback in die Soliarbeit / by Mary Lou U. Hardillo-Werning; Frauen waren gleichberechtigt; The migration of Philippine nurses / by Sylvia Estrado-Claudio; Counselling office and social assistance for Filipinos / by the Caritas Association of Cologne; Sino ako? Sino tayo? sino sila? : thoughts on being a Filipina in Germany / by M.K.M.; Scoring high in German / by Jocelyn Braun; Münster-London-Paris / by Marlys Alfiler-Schürmann; Views of a multi-Cultie / by Gelaga Böger-Bertzbach; How to cook Bagoong in Germany / by Edna Weisser; A Filipina-Chinese migrant counting her blessings / by Thelma Ong-Jakob; Striking a happy balance : bi-cultural parenting by an amateur / by Emma Fabian-Est; A generation in Germany; My mother is a Filipina / by Mei-Li Martens; Letting a thousand flowers bloom / by Melitta S. Sta. Maria; Promoting integration: new citizenship law makes naturalization easier; Ich wollte immer nur Tänzerin sein / by Matthias Drilling; Schattenmenschen / by Adora M. Fischer; Zweitmutter für englischsprachische Kinder; A life full of struggle / by Lily Angelical; Ako, babae / by Weni Gamboa; An afternoon in Zürich / by Edessa Ramos; Nursing home in a million for Viennese upper-crust pensioners / by Patricia Nepomuceno-Sutter; Portraits of Filipinas as concert artists / by Orquid Flores-Valenzuela and Ophie M. Bakker; Making a life while making a living / by Leila Rispens-Noel; The Filipina Au Pairs in the Netherlands / by Stichting Bayanihan; An Au Pair in the Netherlands / by Au-au; "Mama, am I Filipino or Dutch?" by Maya Butalid-Echaves; How do you integrate women's concerns with the issues of migrant workers / by Yvonne Belen; Filipino migrant workers in Belgium / by Samahan; Human rights and Filipino migrant women in France / by Babaylan-Paris; Building a community in anti-immigrant France / by Mila de Guzman; Pinays in Athinai / by Mary Lou U. Hardillo-Werning; Las Filipinas en España / by Riitta Vartti; Maria Claras in mermaid country / by Filomenita Mongaya Høgsholm; The Finland experience / by Teresita Ruutu; Filipinas in Finland / by Riitta Vartti; A look at the Filipina in Britain / by Marilou D. Aliño-Wilcockson; TNT no more... / by Bong Forouzan; A charter of rights for migrant domestic workers in Europe; Filipinas in Italy / by Marilla Palmén; Kagubatan, kabundukan at takot; The women's cause in the universal cause / by Sr. Irene Dabalus; Letter to a migrant women / Sr. M. Guadalupe Bautista; Kuwento ng isang migrant returnee / by Rose Cheung; Women & migration agenda / by Kakammpi; The anti-trafficking of Women and Minors Act - A primer; A statement of the Filipino youth encounter in Europe / by CFMW; Sharing experiences on economic initiatives; Philippine Women's Forum e.V. With addresses of counselling centers and Philippine Women Associations in Europe.
Hardillo-Werning, Mary Lou U.
integratie / migratie / allochtonen / economie / betaalde arbeid / vrouwenorganisaties / Filipijns / Europa / Finland / Duitsland / Nederland / Frankrijk / Verenigd Koninkrijk / bundel
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